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Streamers and ConfettiConfetti & Streamer Effects

Streamers and confetti can help to enhance the festive atmosphere of any occasion. The method used can also greatly affect the impact these materials have on your event.

Many events have color themes. We can generally match streamer/confetti to your event colors. Streamers and confetti are also available in mylar "metallic" material which is light reflective and adds extra dazzle to the event.

Our confetti and streamers are flame-resistant and will not support combustion. This adds an additional margin of safety by not causing any fire hazard.


Confetti size is directly related to the ease of cleanup. We do not use the smaller "paper punch" variety of confetti. Instead we use larger 0.8" wide by 2.0" long rectangular shaped material.

These materials have several advantages. This size confetti picks up easier since its larger size prevents it from embedding itself in carpeting, etc. The larger surface area helps to slow its fall. This increases the time the confetti "hangs" in the air. The effect is best described as a "Falling Leaf Effect".

The confetti we use is colorfast. Cheaper confetti can "run" when it becomes wet. This dye can stain tablecloths, clothes, etc. Colorfast confetti reduces the likelihood of this problem.

Specialty shaped confetti is available on a custom order basis for your event. Confetti shaped into Stars, Hearts, Shamrock, Butterflies and other shapes can add additional impact to your event.


As with our confetti, our streamers are also colorfast. Depending on the event, the streamers are almost "self cleaning". Our experience has shown that at many events when the streamers are launched over the audience, people tend to "scoop up" the streamers, wear them as necklaces and keep them as souvenirs. Streamers that are left behind are easily picked up in bunches.


TeamRES can help you design an effect that gives your audience a breathtaking experience.

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