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Indoor and Theatrical PyrotechnicsIndoor and Theatrical Pyrotechnics

It was only about 25 years ago that indoor pyrotechnics consisted mainly of a few bright flashes of light and a puff of smoke from Flashpots as an attention getter in a play or music act.

Fast-forward to today and indoor pyrotechnics have become a prevalent addition to multimedia entertainment. The increased variety of effects that have been developed and the methods used to display them allow indoor pyrotechnics to rival outdoor displays in their visual and emotional impact.

It is this visual and emotional impact that makes indoor pyrotechnics realize a broad range of use for many events. Whether helping to "pump up the crowd" as the home team takes to the courts to wowing your audience as your new product line is revealed for the first time, nothing does it quite like pyrotechnics.

RES Specialty Pyrotechnics, unlike many fireworks companies, started in indoor and close proximity pyrotechnics and established itself early on in this discipline. We also manufacture a full line of indoor and proximate pyrotechnic devices that we use in our own shows as well as distribute worldwide.

Chances are, if you’ve been to a concert or sporting event recently, you have seen our product in action!

We routinely work with event planners, prop designers and creative consultants to fully integrate our services into every effect we create. As with all of our services, understanding your vision is key to a successful event.

Our #1 job is to make you the hero!

Indoor pyrotechnics has unique challenges to making them safe and spectacular. RES Specialty Pyrotechnics has extensive experience in evaluating event/venue size, selecting appropriate effects and coordination with venue and fire authorities. Our company’s commitment to safety is evident. Steve Coman represents the Pyrotechnics Guild International on both the NFPA Pyrotechnics and Special Effects committees that develop codes for the safe use of pyrotechnics. Steve also serves as a member of the American Pyrotechnics Association Proximate Pyrotechnics committee to help educate regulatory officials about our industry.

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