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RES Specialty Pyrotechnics

RES Specialty Pyrotechnics is one of the premier manufacturers of Proximate pyrotechnic devices. The following items are our current product offerings. In addition to the stock items listed we can also make custom devices to fit your requirements. Please note that due to the number of variations of devices we do not inventory most products but make them upon demand. Turn-around times vary, but we can usually meet your needs within your timeframe.

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Legal Information

All products offered by RES Specialty Pyrotechnics are not for Consumer use. Theatrical (Proximate) pyrotechnic devices are for use by licensed professionals who are familiar with their use. Most jurisdictions require permits and insurance before pyrotechnics may be used. We require an ink signed copy of your current BATF and/or state local licenses before initially purchasing pyrotechnic products.

Please refer to our Important Safety Guidelines for Theatrical and Proximate Pyrotechnics. This sheet is included with all shipments and is also available through the link below.

Important Safety Guidelines